Ending at ankle to mid-calf on most, our half-circle cloak provides protection from wind, rain and cold, closing at the collar with a durable leather loop and single metal button. The wool is cut to ensure easy movement, making a practical, elegant garment for any adventure. We select a 18-25 oz.

Mens Medieval Capes, Mens Historic Cloaks, and Mens Capes and Cloaks Your Dressmaker provides you with the utmost quality in mens medieval capes and cloaks. Our handmade historic clothing is crafted by talented tailors out of the finest materials. Drape one of our medieval cloaks over your shoulders, and watch … Creative uses for the Cloak of Many Fashions! : dndnext The players in my campaign just got Cloaks of Many Fashions, and I'm trying to think of fun/creative ways to use it! Here's the description: "While wearing this cloak, you can use a bonus action to change the style, color, and apparent quality of the garment. Men's Capes and Cloaks: Amazon.com For anyone else considering this product, I bought a medium. I am 5'8", broad shouldered, 160 lbs, slim-athletic build. Fits perfectly. The cloak comes down to about my waist area, so it's got that perfect balance between covering me up for warmth and looks, but also exposes my hands and wrist just enough that I'm not hindered by the cloak itself.

Dec 21, 2018

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CLOAK Clothing Announces Their New 'Minecraft Dungeons

CLOAK, a clothing brand created to bring upscale fashion to the gaming world, has just released its first collaboration with Minecraft Dungeons. Custom Made and Ready-to-Wear Cloaks, Capes, Robes, Ponchos, and Other Clothing for Every Day, Special Occasions, Weddings, SCA, SteamPunk, Cosplay, and LARP.