2015-4-19 · This is part of a series: dd-wrt Repeater Bridge Thus far, you have successfully: Prepared to flash your router with dd-wrt Flashed your router with dd-wrt (The "trailed/killer" version, then the "real" one) Now it's time to tell your router to connect to another router over Wi-Fi, and act as if …

无线网络的中继和桥接有什么区别? - 知乎 2016-1-27 · Repeater Bridge: (中继桥接) 类似 Client Bridge, 但同时还能做 AP。 所以: 1. Client 和 Client Bridge 不能作为 AP, 所以不能扩大 R1 无线信号的覆盖范围, WDS, Repeater 和 Repeater Bridge 则可以。2. Client, Repeater 使得 R2 工作在三层,而 Client DD-WRT中的WDS,Repeater,Repeater Bridge - … 2012-4-22

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Difference Between Client Bridge/Wireless Repeater Modes 2011-10-19 · Updated: 12/16/2015. DD-WRT router firmware distinguishes itself from default firmware in many ways but one of the most useful is the simple setup of Wireless Modes within its interface. Many consumers and network administrators turn to DD-WRT when seeking for the optimal choice in setting up a Client Bridge. DD-WRT Forum :: View topic - [Solved] Client Bridge mode 2014-12-30