The solution pulls and uploads files to folders from the mobile device, to the server (which is Ubuntu). We don't have any other Windows machine (only Windows CE mobiles and Ubuntu server). Now the mobile device can only access the folder through NetBIOS WINS supplied server names. So we want our Ubuntu server to turn into a WINS server.

I'd like to set the clients' DNS and WINS servers upon connection. The OpenVPN isn't acting as DHCP server; there is an independent DHCP sever in the network. The most reasonably way to achieve that is through DHCP. However, the DHCP server is quite basic, and I cannot configure these parameters in the DHCP server itself. What is application server? - Definition from An application server is a server program in a computer in a distributed network that provides the business logic for an application program. The application server is frequently viewed as part of a three-tier application, consisting of a graphical user interface server, an application (business logic) server, and a database and transaction server.. More descriptively, it can be viewed as Set DNS servers via GPO Server 2012 R2 - WinCert

There's no direct mechanism to assign a WINS server via GPO, unfortunately. When you can't assign the WINS server via DHCP, your best bet would be to do this via a logon script using the netsh command.

Win definition, to finish first in a race, contest, or the like. See more. DHCP defined and how it works | Network World DHCP definition. DHCP stands for dynamic host configuration protocol and is a network protocol used on IP networks where a DHCP server automatically assigns an IP address and other information to Change TCP/IP settings - Windows Help

Jan 29, 2008

May 08, 2020 · This server does the grunt work in figuring out where the site you want to go actually resides on the internet. A Root Server: The root server receives the first request, and returns a result to let the DNS resolver know what the address of the Top Level Domain (TLD) server that stores the information about the site. Feb 07, 2017 · A DNS server is a type of name server that manages, maintains and processes Internet domain names and their associated records. In other words, a DNS server is the primary component that implements the DNS (Domain Name System) protocol and provisions domain name resolution services to Web hosts and clients on an IP-based network. Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) servers map the IP addresses to NetBIOS names. This lets employers access resources by name of the computer rather than the IP address. To keep a check on the IP addresses and names of other computers network , this computer can be configured as a WINS server. If one DNS server doesn't know how to translate a particular domain name, it asks another one, and so on, until the correct IP address is returned. (2) Short for d igital n ervous s ystem, a term coined by Bill Gates to describe a network of personal computers that make it easier to obtain and understand information.