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Aug 20, 2019 IPsec Overview - Oracle racoon - an open source implementation of IKE that is used to exchange keys and set up the IPsec connections. There are two versions of racoon: racoon (which uses only IKEv1) and racoon2 (which can use IKEv1 or IKEv2). Newer implementations of IPsec use racoon2. IP Compression. IPsec — IPsec Troubleshooting | pfSense Documentation

racoon speaks IKE (ISAKMP/Oakley) key management protocol, to establish security association with other hosts. This is the IPSec-tools version of racoon. Enchancements: - Support of NAT-T and IKE fragmentation. - Support of many authentication algorithms. - Tons of bugfixes. Known issues: - Non-threaded implementation. Simultaneous key negotiation performance should be improved.

racoon - Unix, Linux Command - Tutorialspoint racoon speaks the IKE (ISAKMP/Oakley) key management protocol, to establish security associations with other hosts. The SPD (Security Policy Database) in the kernel usually triggers racoon. racoon usually sends all informational messages, warnings and error messages to syslogd(8) with the facility LOG_DAEMON and the priority LOG_INFO.

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Dec 12, 2012 6.4. IPsec Host-to-Host Configuration Red Hat Enterprise # Racoon IKE daemon configuration file. # See 'man racoon.conf' for a description of the format and entries. path include "/etc/racoon"; path pre_shared_key "/etc/racoon/psk.txt"; path certificate "/etc/racoon/certs"; sainfo anonymous { pfs_group 2; lifetime time 1 hour ; encryption_algorithm 3des, blowfish 448, rijndael ; authentication_algorithm hmac_sha1, hmac_md5 ; compression_algorithm VPN not connecting with no obvious error - Apple Community Jul 17, 2012