Nov 13, 2012

How to Create A Homegroup in Windows 8/8.1. With a homegroup, you can share your files and printers with other computers on your home network. Moreover, the homegroup is protected by an automatically-generated password, so you are able to decide who can join your homegroup though their computers by giving them the code. How to Create and Join a HomeGroup in Windows 8 For Oct 31, 2012 Set Up Windows 8 HomeGroup Sharing with a Windows 7 PC Nov 13, 2012

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Aug 22, 2012 · If your network doesn’t have any HomeGroup, then the main page of the applet asks you to create one. In case you have already joined a HomeGroup, then the main page shows the settings of that HomeGroup. Create a HomeGroup Click on “Create a HomeGroup” button to launch the setup wizard. Click “Next” button. Select Stuff to Share in

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Aug 30, 2017 Change Homegroup Password on Windows 8/8.1 Steps to change homegroup password on Windows 8/8.1: Step 1: Go to the Search bar by Windows Key+F, type homegroup password in the box, choose Settings and tap Change homegroup password in the results. Tip: To open the above setting, you can also get into the Control Panel, and click Choose homegroup and sharing options in Network and Internet. How do I create a new home group? - November 2014 - Forums Nov 09, 2014