The SurfEasy private browser is really useful for people who want to remain safe on public WiFi. It comes in a credit card sized wallet holder, so can easily be carried at all times. The private browser can be purchased for $69.99 (not including shipping), which is a one-off fee for lifetime use of the browser.

Aug 08, 2019 · Their privacy policy is very transparent about this, which is nice, but it's still unfortunate that you don't have complete privacy through this VPN service. Device Compatibility You won't be able to make much use of a VPN if it isn't compatible with your device, but that isn't much of a concern when it comes to SurfEasy. SurfEasy VPN helps keep your online activity and history private. Our ultra-fast, no-log network encrypts your data and means you can browse the web securely even on public WiFi, without even us knowing what you’re doing. SurfEasy Inc. provides easy-to-use solutions for protecting our customers' online privacy and security on any smartphone, tablet and computer. They mentioned it nowhere in the privacy policy, but we do believe that the email address, as well as the payment logs, are also stored. Most of the services discuss this stuff in their privacy policies, but as we mentioned earlier, SurfEasy has not been a very good example when it comes to writing a privacy policy. Jul 08, 2020 · There is another mention of it in their Privacy Policy: Despite that, I wouldn’t recommend using SurfEasy for delicate tasks for which privacy is the topmost concern. The thing is, SurfEasy is situated under the US jurisdiction, and the US is a member of the FVEY (“5 eyes”) intelligence alliance. Say hi to SurfEasy 4.0! Included are new cards that will give you valuable stats + info while you’re protecting yourself on any sketchy Wi-Fi. This update also includes performance optimizations, squashed some connectivity bugs, and a few other surprises. Rate us 5 stars if you like the new app! Thanks. Overview of SurfEasy Benefits Since SurfEasy does not require users to log on to their network, the service does not retain any logs related to a user’s online browsing or downloading activities. The software also utilizes bank-grade encryption technology to keep networks as protected as possible.

SurfEasy VPN Secure Android. Don’t trust your Internet privacy to just anyone! A lot of companies claim to offer free VPN services while making outlandish promises about securing your Wi-Fi access.

SurfEasy is a Canada-based VPN service provider, and it is a part of the Opera Software that has been offering web services for more than 20 years (read more about best VPN for Canada). As it is owned by an IT major, the privacy policies are given more attention, and they know how to handle every technical issue. Don’t trust your Internet privacy to just anyone! A lot of companies claim to offer free VPN services while making outlandish promises about securing your Wi-Fi access. But do you know what happens to your personal data once they get their hands on it? SurfEasy’s anonymous VPN offers a secure browsing experience with top-notch, no-log Internet security that protects your personal data and Unsure which solution is best for your company? Find out which tool is better with a detailed comparison of surfeasy & norton-wifi-privacy. Use an easy side-by-side layout to quickly compare their features, pricing and integrations.

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SurfEasy VPN is a provider that works on all platforms and devices, such as Windows, Android, iOs and Mac, making it an extremely profitable alternative. One of the most important benefits is the privacy policy. This allows you to hide all your online activities, and serves against computer theft. FAQs. What is the GDPR? How does the GDPR affect me? How do I know if the GDPR applies to my location? What can I request under the GDPR? Does the GDPR change my contract with SurfEasy as my VPN provider? Jul 07, 2020 · The SurfEasy privacy policy is at the very bottom of the ‘ NortonLifeLock Product and Services Privacy Notices ‘ page, an 11,000+ word document covering the core details for every single product in the Norton range. When we eventually reached SurfEasy’s details, though, they were surprisingly brief. SurfEasy recorded below-average speed, and they have no settings options for advanced configurations. On the privacy front: Their logging policy is not strict enough; they monitor and collect more information than really necessary. May 27, 2020 · With five simultaneous connections and a no logging policy (though they are in Canada, a five-eyes country), Surfeasy, an offshoot of Opera browser, has some strong suits. And with 5 simultaneous connections and decent speeds, we are likely to recommend them. Submit a request. SurfEasy; Your Account Your Account