Both Computer Network Advantages and Disadvantages performance are recommended options in the business. Let us examine some of the key difference between Computer Network Advantages and Disadvantages: One of the major differences is related to the storage capacity available. In case of networks there is an increased level of storage capacity

The invention of the computer is considered to be one of the greatest inventions of all time. The modern computer has changed our daily life to some extent. A computer is an integral part of human beings and we can not imagine our lives without the use of a computer. As there are two sides of the coins there are advantages and disadvantages of computer system in points which we are going to discuss in detail. Merits and Demerits of Computer in Education Computer is a useful electronic machine that can be used in an educational context to assist learning in many ways such as typing a document, making notes, calculations, accounting, drawing, and colouring. Nevertheless, they can also end up being an obstacle to learning if they are not used in a sensible way. What are the merits and demerits of computer - Answers

Personal computers, also known as PCs, are used occasionally by most people in America. Many people use the computer every day at home or work, and some spend the bulk of their day sitting in front of a computer.

Merits of computer? Top Answer. Wiki User. 2010-11-05 12:15:04 2010-11-05 12:15:04. computer is the most useful machine made by man's mind. it just knows 0 and 1 . but it can calcuate faster than The computer was born not for entertainment or email but out of a need to solve a serious number-crunching crisis. By 1880, the U.S. population had grown so large that it took more than seven Dec 24, 2016 · Computer Essay 6 (400 words) Invention of the computer has made many dreams come true even we cannot imagine our lives without computer. Generally computer is a device used for many purposes like information storage, email, messaging, software programming, calculation, data processing and many more. Jan 31, 2014 · Jonathan Ive, who designed the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad, was born the same year the BSA introduced Computers merit badge. That should give you some idea just how old Computers merit badge is

MERITS: A computer has many advantages, But mostly computers have been source of income to an individual,companies, and even to a country. A good example is Mr Microsoft Windows, know well as Bill Gates. He is the made the operating system know as microsoft Windows. It is through microsoft window a computer can start to work properly.

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