Aug 19, 2012 · The reason is the nearer the server is to your location, the stronger the signal your-freedom will be (true fact). Below are all 33 of your-freedom servers with their locations as at 23 rd of August, 2012…

Oct 08, 2017 Your Freedom - Your Freedom server statistics A high load (above 70,000) and a yellow light indicates that a server is so much loaded that it is not recommended to use it for new connection unless you don't have a choice. You are still welcome to use the server but expect the service to be somewhat degraded (unless the load is above 100,000 you probably won't notice). Minecraft Freedom Minecraft Server Nov 19, 2013 Web Hosting - Server Ip Range - Total freedom from NxHost

Download IP-TV Freedom apk 1.36 for Android. Feel the freedom of IPTV

TotalFreedom | Minecraft Servers | Top Server List Mar 31, 2020 List of Your-freedom Client servers Plus their Numeric IP Sep 20, 2019

1.12 - 1.8 ★ Official Naruto RPG + PVP Server Minecraft Server

Vote for Freedom Survival Minecraft Server