Government's Stance on a Possible Ban on Youtube in Pakistan

Geo TV provides latest news, breaking news, urdu news from pakistan, world, sports, cricket, business, politics, health. watch geo news on Hard Talk Pakistan (Why Govt Not Improving Performance) - 7th July 2020 Views: 645 | July 07, 2020. Najam Sethi Show (Court's Big Decision About 24 News) - 7th July 2020 Rumors that a YouTube ban was happening once again in Pakistan has caused a lot of anger. Pakistan saw a four year ban on YouTube from the years 2012 to 2016. The ban stunted any kind of growth for the YouTube community in the country. Creators were devoid of their platform. Jan 28, 2017 · Another popular group of friends that intends to spread smiles and laughter. These guys mainly create humorous videos of contemporary lifestyles of desi people and funny things happening in one’s life in Pakistan. Their content is a perfect way to relieve the tension and exhaustion after a long day at work. 5. DhoomBros Sep 17, 2012 · Breaking: YouTube Banned in Pakistan Posted 8 years ago by Aamir Attaa We are receiving information which indicates that YouTube has been blocked in Pakistan on direct orders of Prime Minister of Jan 12, 2016 · YouTube has officially been banned in Pakistan since September 2012 after a low-budget movie containing sacrilegious content sparked furious protests around the world. Mar 03, 2018 · YouTuber Awesamo Just Slammed The YouTube Ban Rumors, Saying It Will Destroy People’s Dreams. YouTuber Awesamo just slammed youtube ban rumors in Pakistan. he shared his own life story as an example of how YouTube has helped people.

Pakistan Hijacks YouTube: A Closer Look -

Pakistan and Afghanistan are divided by the Durand Line, a 2,400km frontier with villages straddling the border and mosques and houses having one door in Pakistan and another in Afghanistan [File: Reuters/Salahuddin]

Jul 22, 2020 · People of Pakistan are being angered by the decision of the Supreme court on the Ban of Youtube. People say that banning youtube in previous years was a wrong step as many influencers and content writers were lost in that period. Minister of Information and technology Fawad Chaudhary also added his statement at banning youtube in Pakistan on

2020-7-20 · A few hours ago, Pakistan Telecom (AS 17557) began advertising a small part of YouTube's assigned network. This story is almost as old as BGP. Old hands will recognize this as, fundamentally, the same problem as the infamous AS 7007 from 1997, a more recent ConEd mistake of early 2006 and even TTNet's Christmas Eve gift 2005. Just before 18:48 UTC, Pakistan Telecom, in response to … YouTube_360百科 2020-7-18 · YouTube,YouTube是一个视频网站,早期公司位于加利福尼亚州的圣布鲁诺。注册于2005年2月15日,由美籍华人陈士骏等人创立,让用户下载、观看及分享影片或短片。2006年11月,Google公司以16.5亿美元收购了YouTube,并把其当做一家子公司来 Pakistan warns TikTok video service, blocks Bigo Live app 2020-7-21 · Pakistan has threatened the China-linked TikTok video service and blocked the Singapore-based Bigo Live streaming platform, citing what the regulating … Blog Stéphane Bortzmeyer: Le Pakistan pirate … 2020-7-8 · Le Pakistan pirate YouTube. Première rédaction de cet article le 25 février 2008. Ce dimanche 24 février, YouTube a été inaccessible depuis une bonne partie de la planète pendant une à deux heures. Ce n'était pas une panne, mais le résultat d'une action délibérée en provenance du Pakistan.